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The Voyage of Pirate Jenny

Pirate Jenny anchored off the coast of Venezuela

The Voyage of Pirate Jenny (

These pages chronicle the trip of Bart Tecter, a member of the Nepean Sailing Club ( located on the Ottawa River at Lac Deschenes, and his voyage on his boat Pirate Jenny to the Caribbean. The trip started in the spring of 1996 and was completed in June 1998.  This chart indicates the approximate route and of course the picture is of Pirate Jenny - a Nantucket 33.


Contacting Pirate Jenny


You can still contact Pirate Jenny at this address even upon Pirate Jenny's return to the Nepean Sailing Club.


The Pirate Jenny Log


Pirate Jenny's Album - a collection of photos, music and captions!


The chart clippings below have been scanned from the Imray-Iolaire charts that we use for navigation in the Caribbean. They are excellent charts for anyone planning a cruise here. Each island chart also includes inserts of the most popular harbours in the area covered by the charts. The clippings have been placed on the homepage to give you a better idea of the location of places we talk about in the letters. I have included these clippings without permission from the authors and hope that 'they' will forgive my small trespass.