Pirate Jenny's Album
Last Updated: April 24, 2000


  1. Motoring through Dismal Swamp Canal
  2. Chuck and Bernie on Watch 400 miles off Beaufort NC
  3. Relaxing on the foredeck south of Bermuda
  4. St. Thomas USVI
  5. Chuck sightseeing in Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI
  6. Approaching the Island of Bonaire
  7. Dinghy dock at Karel's Bar - Bonaire
  8. Sightseeing in Bonaire
  9. Entrance to Washington - Slaghaai National park
  10. Walkabout in the desert park
  11. Pirate Jenny anchored off indian site in Golfo de Cuare - Venezuela
  12. Postcard - Morrocoy National Park
  13. Approaching Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
  14. Old Spanish bridge in jungle near Puerto Cabello
  15. Market in Puerto Cabello
  16. Beach on Round Island, Sotovento, Las Aves
  17. Ev on Long Island Beach Sotovento
  18. Bart with lone palm tree on Long Island, Sotovento
  19. Post card - Pico Bolivar, Los Andies - Merida, Venezuela
  20. On the road to Apertaderos
  21. Postcard - Merida, Venezuela
  22. Plaza Bolivar - Merida
  23. Bus terminal in Valera, Venezuela
  24. Syncronicity off the coast of Venezuela
  25. Pirate Jenny anchored in bay at Puerto Cruz
  26. Cayo de Agua, Los Roques
  27. Reseach facility on Isla Sur, Los Roques
  28. Anchorage in Dos Mosquises, Los Roques
  29. Anchorage off Tres Palmeras, Los Roques
  30. View of the El Gran Roque anchorage from the top of El Gran Roque
  31. Francisquis Island group from El Gran Roque
  32. Sunrise approaching Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
  33. Pirate Jenny in Bahia Redonda Marina, Puerto La Cruz
  34. Condos in the El Morro development, Puerto La Cruz
  35. El Morro development - a little more up scale
  36. Isla La Borracha anchorage
  37. Typical Venezuelean fishing boat - Isla La Tortuga
  38. Playa Caldera, Isla La Tortuga
  39. Beach at Pta Rancheros, Isla La Tortuga
  40. Body surfing at Playa Rancheros on a crowded weekend
  41. Stainless Steel Man at work
  42. Lagoon at Chimana Grande
  43. RORO IV motor sailing along side
  44. Sunrise along the Peninsula de Paria
  45. Coastal Mountains in daylight
  46. Anchorage at Punta Prago
  47. Beach at Punta Prago
  48. Brief moment of sunlight at Cabo San Francisco
  49. Patrica, Evelyn and Friend Kris celebrating our arrival in Trinidad
  50. Bequia water front
  51. Frangipani restaurant - Bequia
  52. And when it rains it pours
  53. Pirate Jenny with her new bimini and cushions
  54. Approaching St. George's Grenada
  55. The Carenage, St. George's, Grenada
  56. Petite St. Vincent Resort ($750US/day!) beach
  57. Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau
  58. Mopian Island
  59. Taxi tour of Grenada
  60. Concord Falls, Grenada
  61. Grenada - 'Isle of Spice'
  62. Water powered rum factory
  63. View from Sand Island looking north to Union Island
  64. Print of the painting "Friendship Rose" by Bequia artist Sam McDowell
  65. Pirate Jenny at anchor at Mustique
  66. Pink House and Purple House boutiques on Mustique
  67. View from the masthead in Salt Whistle Bay
  68. Canadian invasion force in Tabago Keys
  69. Pirate Jenny under sail (August 96)
  70. Carnival Queen entry
  71. Carnival King entry
  72. Carnival King winner
  73. Carnival Queen winner
  74. Ready for j'ouvert
  75. Marinella's one girl pan band
  76. J'ouvert road march - follow the leader, leader, leader...
  77. Blue Basin waterfall
  78. La Vache Bay on Trinidad's north coast
  79. Lisa disappearing into the pitch lake
  80. Boat tour of the Caroni Swamp Bird Sanctuary
  81. Maracas Beach
  82. North coast near Blanchisseuse
  83. Postcard - Marigot Bay, St. Lucia
  84. Postcard - The Pitons, St. Lucia
  85. Postcard - Sailing in Fort de France Bay
  86. Postcard - Anse Mitan anchorage with Fort de France in Background
  87. Postcard - Anchorage at Cul de Sac du Marin
  88. Petite Piton from the water
  89. Anchorage on the north side of Petite Piton
  90. Brant and Evan ..I don't know where I'm a goin go when the volcano blows
  91. A walk in the rain forest
  92. The coconut man
  93. Lamentin Airport at Fort de France
  94. Looking north along the east coast of Martinique from Caravelle
  95. Waterfall in the Gorge de la Falaise
  96. Remanents of the past, in the shadow of the Volcano
  97. Foundation of the once grand theatre in St. Pierre, Martinique
  98. Village of Bourg Des Saintes
  99. Anchorage at Pain Du Sucre, Iles Des Saintes
  100. Harbour central square, Pointe A Pitre, Guadeloupe
  101. Market in Pointe A Pitre, Guadeloupe
  102. A canopy of nature
  103. Anchorage and town of St. Pierre, Martinique
  104. Small beach and guest house at Pain Du Sucre
  105. I told you I was only looking at the boats....Something a little different?
  106. A cool dip in Trafalar Falls, Dominica
  107. Eastern coast of Dominica in the Carib Territory
  108. The Emerald Pool, Dominica
  109. A bit of rest after 15 months and over 5,000 miles
  110. Just another day in paradise
  111. Barnacles, barnacles everywhere
  112. Getting on Top of the maintenance
  113. Dinghy parking at TTYA
  114. Ferry dock in Port of Spain
  115. Street vendors in Cumana
  116. Entrance to Cueva del Gauchero
  117. Inside the caves...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  118. Mountain stream near Caripe
  119. Go Go Evelyn waterfall
  120. The Spinaker Bar at TTYA
  121. A little closer look!
  122. Sunset on Admiralty Bay, Bequia
  123. Caribbean sailing canoe regatta, St. Anne, Martinique
  124. Soufere Mountain during an eruption
  125. Lava flows on the western side of the volcano
  126. Ash covered village at the base of the mountain
  127. The officers quarters in 'Nelson's Dockyard'
  128. Capstans at dockside
  129. A view of the anchorage
  130. Remaining pillars from the old sail loft (note the dingy 'drive through' for pickup and delivery)
  131. View of English Harbour and Falmouth Bay from Shirley Heights
  132. Sailing into history
  133. Nevis' palm lined shore and towering central peak
  134. Centre square of Basseterre, St. Kitts
  135. Neighbours in a quiet anchorage
  136. Harbour and town of Gustavia, St. Bart's
  137. Relaxing in the shade at Le Select
  138. Island view from the north coast of St. Bart's with St. Maarten in the distance
  139. Mazda 123 …you're clear to land
  140. Mad Moke Mate
  141. Saline Beach
  142. Phillipsburg, St. Maarten
  143. Marigot and Simpson Baii Lagoon from a comfortable seat at a friend's home in the hills
  144. Cruiser turned resident by hurricane Luis
  145. Simpson's Baai Lagoon from the Dutch side
  146. A tight squeeze
  147. Mom, Foxy and Evelyn (one week later)
  148. Jost Van Dyke from Cane Garden Bay
  149. Pirate Jenny alongside 'Fair Jeanne' in Road Town, Tortola
  150. The Baths, Virgin Gorda
  151. The path to the beach, The Baths
  152. The anchorage at the Baths with Tortola in the background
  153. Linester Bay, St. John's USVI
  154. Sugar mill ruins at Annaberg, St. John's USVI


  1. "Tell me where you been last night Caroline"
  2. "Follow the leader, leader, leader, follow the leader"
  3. "Soca twist"